Warehousing Secure & Reliable


In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is important to ensure maximum efficiency from every investment you make. Our integrated supply chain management services make sure your risk in warehousing is minimum, while the operation adds nothing but pure efficiency to your business machine. Our tailor made solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes, essentially levelling the playing field for businesses of different capacities, across industries. For most of our clients (and our potential clients), a well-oiled supply network is essential to their success, and in their success, lies our success. Our services are designed to bypass rigid distribution models and multiple product touchpoints to offer customers a chance for direct interaction. Whether it is simple order fulfilment, or completely managed supply chains, Freight Plan is here to take care of all your warehousing needs. Once you choose Freight Plan, you can let go of your warehousing worries, and concentrate on what you do best! Simply gives us a call and describe your requirements, we will take it from there and you can enjoy absolute peace of mind!

  • Integrated supply chain management services
  • Tailor made solutions to fit unique business needs
  • Risk-mitigation processes to drive efficiency
  • Customer direct services that bypass rigid distribution models